Playing catch up

It’s funny how time gets away from you. We’ve passed 8 months since our last day of work at The Boeing Company. I have no idea where that time went. We have been mostly doing updates on Facebook as I haven’t had the time to learn WordPress and MailChimp to get the information flowing correctly when we post. I would say that it was worse than not having the time. Every single time I tried to work with either program, there were swear words. Lots of them. I hit a block big time and unfortunately let that stop me from making actual posts of more substance. I think my brain just froze up, too many new things at once, I could only focus on a few.

It’s also been a struggle to get dialed in to good wifi down here. Loading pics is incredibly data intense and there is good wifi, but keeping it has been a challenge. We signed up with a local unlimited prepaid plan, that they then discontinued the following month after I bought the cheap phone. Then they offered another plan, and jacked me out of my data. Trying to find the patience for a tech support call (again) when’s its 90° out and you’ve spent the day working on other projects is tough. And it’s 20 cents a minute – anyone remember the last time you spent less than 30 minutes on a call to Verizon? Yeah….me either.

Everyone is learning new skills

So with my excuses out of the way, what have we been up to?

Well, not too much traveling. We were limited to under 12° latitude for hurricane season, which runs from July 1st – Nov 1st and were very aware of that limitation when we came down here in the date range that we did. We also knew that it would be a great place to practice sailing, get to know our boat and maybe even relax a little, so worked on boat things for March and April.

Our amazing first time guests, long time boat geniuses visited for a week in April (they will be an entire post of their own) and then we spent the entire month of May back in Seattle tidying up about a thousand loose ends. More posts on those things to come. When we came back from Seattle, my daughter and her friend came for 2 weeks to visit and we headed north to get our first foreign country stamp while officially on a “yacht in transit”.

We are learning a lot, still going through various surprise items in storage and finding some great stuff on the boat already. We are slowly finding the right spot for things (usually about the 3rd try) and making this place our own. You never really realize what you’ll need and how easily accessible you’ll need it right off the bat. So many times the phrase has come out of our mouths “don’t we have…?”….followed by “yes, but I have no idea where”. After 8 months and some great IKEA organizational things, we are starting to know where. That in itself feels like an accomplishment!

So. Much. Stuff. Still.

When we got to the boat and started exploring, it was surprisingly well stocked. The previous owners had enough paper towels and tp laid in that we still haven’t had to shop for those items. Or dishwashing liquid and most cleaning supplies. And we have 2 shop vacs if anyone needs a second one and is local.

We also had an overwhelming amount of spare parts. Filters, gaskets, clamps, pumps, hoses….so many hoses…and things we didn’t really understand. After months of fixing, upgrading, tinkering – we finally understand what most of those parts are for! When we went through and cleaned the bilge holds out again with the intent of organizing them and *gasp* finding them when we need them, we were able to put some semblance of a parts system in place. You know it wouldn’t be my home it if wasn’t organized to the highest possible degree!

What’s next?

I managed to get my WordPress and my MailChimp (it’s the service that you used when you signed up for updates) working so that I kind of, sort of know what I’m doing. MailChimp allows me to send an email to you that lets you know there’s a new blog post. There have been approximately 632 tech support phone calls to my daughter, who runs her own site and manages social media things. She has had the utmost patience and I was not a fast learner.

I sent out a test email to the current subscribers list a while back, thank you to all that responded…you guys are fantastic! It helped knowing that something was working! The test email being received prompted a celebratory drink and a huge sigh of relief! I also then promptly forgot to post this post and I logged in today and had to update the info….three steps forward, two steps back!

Planning happens everywhere!

That’s all for today, time to get in the water! The next few posts will be things we’ve done over the past few months. If you’re following along on Instagram or Facebook, some things you might have already seen. We’ll get caught up though! I’m just going to start posting in real time and throw in some previous things periodically, figuring out who took what picture and where it went….we need a better system…lol. Two phones, two computers and a camera, organizing the pics gets tough!

Peace, love and margaritas!

Frankie and Henry

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  1. Glad you are enjoying the next adventure in your journey of life. You both look great, so retiring must appeal to you! take care

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