Earning money on our first day of leaving Seattle

Our flight from Vancouver was uneventful, but the flight leaving Chicago wound up with some mechanical issues and they had to find us another plane.

I hate leaving late, it cuts into the 14 hour layover window in Miami in this wonderful hotel that we love that has great beds, great food and is 5 min from the airport.  We picked the connecting flight that gave us the longest layover so we would be able to get a full night’s sleep.  We get to Miami, spend the night in the Sheraton, ask for Chris or Weldeen, they are super helpful and load back up to catch the flight to Grenada in the morning.

You’re giving away money? Sure!

We are already checked in when we hear them announcing “hey we are giving vouchers of $600 for anyone willing to be bumped” as they are oversold.  I chuckle and look at Henry and asked him if we should consider it since we technically are retired without a timeframe.  He shrugged and we laughed.  A few minutes later they upped it to $800 dollars.  I said, how about I go have a chat with them…just to see.  I went up to talk to the very nice Kim behind the desk and told her that we would be interested in getting bumped, but there were 2 of us.  She stated that 2 wouldn’t be a problem and she was going to request $1000 for each of us, plus food vouchers and a hotel.  Well, how do you turn down making 2k just by staying an extra day? 

We left Vancouver early on the 6th, with plans to wind up in an overnight in Miami to catch our flight the next day to Grenada.  Peach and her friend Marty drove us up to Vancouver with a fully loaded Subaru.  4 boxes, 2 carry on items, 2 personal items and 2 hats.  And 2 cans of redbull…because….duh.  Not being able to find sugarfree Redbull on my previous trip to the island was a bit troubling, but I was kind of taking it as a sign from the universe that I wasn’t 25 anymore and maybe it was time to get my act together…but that’s another conversation.  They planned on exploring Vancouver for the day after they kicked us out at the airport, but Vancouver planned on raining all day.  I think they wound up settling for visiting fishing stores and breweries.

The hotel they chose was attached to the airport and was a little sketchier than our lovely Sheraton, but it wasn’t a Motel 6 by any means.  We decided to use the extra day to get some more work done, because when you leave the country and retire, the paperwork is crippling.  And never ending.   We set up laptops and went to work.  Paperwork to our financial planner, cancelling long unused credit cards because we don’t want to keep track of them when we’re gone and Crate and Barrel won’t deliver to Grenada anyway.  I checked.  We paid bills, we worked on learning some website stuff with Alexis from www.directionsoptional.com (my blogger kid),  weeded through emails, arranged parts for the boat and generally tried to get a handle on more of life. 

We sat up in the upper level bar and had a drink and watched planes take off.  Apparently, decades of life in a company that makes airplanes will do that to you.  We talked about our excitement and what we should expect and that the day of transition was nice.  A chance to take a deep breath before we jumped into the unknown.  But hey…we are leaping together…and holding hands on the way down. 

Peace, love and margaritas….what could go wrong?

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